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DIY Science 

This is a specially designed hands-on DIY program based on science and engineering concepts. Children will learn and understand laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology through exciting fun based experimental projects. They will also learn to form a scientific report and analysis after finishing each module. 

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Planning Skills

  • Experimentation

  • Collaboration


We offer many specifically designed DIY projects which will help children to get fundamental knowledge and understanding of science and engineering. This programs help benefit young minds by:


  • Expanding science knowledge base by exploring, generating curiosity and imagination.

  • Developing attention to detail and logical reasoning, leading to improved focus and problem- solving approach.

  • Boosting collaboration and confidence by working in teams and learning from each other to solve problems.

Some examples of program content are:

Lemon power generation machine

Students use lemons to light an LED clock (or light bulb) as they learn how a battery works in a simple circuit and how chemical energy changes to electrical energy.


Building and testing the strength of Straw Bridges

Working as engineering teams, students design and create model beam bridges using plastic drinking straws and tape as their construction materials. Primary goal is to build the strongest bridge with a truss pattern of their own design, while meeting the design criteria and constraints. They experiment with different geometric shapes and determine how shapes affect the strength of materials.

Wind powered sail cars


Student pairs design and construct small, wind-powered sail cars using provided materials. Students learn about wind and kinetic and renewable energy and follow the steps of the engineering design process to imagine, create, test, evaluate and refine their sail cars.

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