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Maths Tutoring

Our Maths Tutoring program provides step-by-step guidance with simpler concept building exercise, effective use of formulas and easier problem solving techniques which helps children build strong maths foundational skills as well as challenge themselves to grasp more advanced math problems.

  • Numerical Skills

  • Problem Solving 

  • Concept Building

  • Advance Techniques

  • NAPLAN Prepration

Raising Hands

UExL Academy offers one-to-one and small group tutoring approach to develop children's ability in mathematics subject. Our program is based on the Australian school curriculum and designed into below two categories:

1. Prep to Year 2 focusing on developing interest in maths to build foundational skills for continued success.


2. Year 3 to Year 8 focusing on enhancing foundational knowledge in maths by developing numerical ability and scientific base to understand and solve problems to achieve great  learning outcomes.


Our customised tutoring approach will immensely benefit primary students who :

  • are struggling with key concepts in maths and need assistance in developing foundational skills. 

  • want to further sharpen their skills in these subject.

  • want to prepare for NAPLAN.

We adapt to each student learning style and get a deep insight into each learning content.


Each student is able to learn at their own pace, with full assistance.

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