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School Supplies

English Tutoring

We provide structured and customised tutoring in English subject ensuring each student can obtain a solid understanding of English, regardless of their strength in the subject. Our program covers the basics to advanced content and is in accordance with the Australian school curriculum.

  • Improving spelling 

  • Assisting  grammar 

  • Perfecting punctuation

  • Enhancing creative and persuasive writing 

  • Comprehension strategies

School Days

UExL Academy offers one-to-one, small group in class or online tutoring to assist children with the English subject. Our program is based on the Australian school curriculum and is divided into the following sections:

1. Prep to Year 2: focusing on spelling, vowels, consonants, and developing a strong ground in reading and handwriting practice. 


2. Year 3 to Year 8: emphasising perfecting spelling, grammar, punctuation. Along with perfecting creative, persuasive and other writing structures. 


Our assistance will be with your child every step of the way through their learning journey, online or in person.

Online Learning
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